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All of the merged PRs in May

PRs: 15

  • Update Project Funding and Cardano Token Registry Sections by (@Nazeim) in #46
  • Code style by (@katomm) in #47
  • Introduce category/tag feature in showcase section by (@katomm) in #48
  • Add showcase projects and categories by (@katomm) in #50
  • Blockfrost by (@katomm) in #51
  • Update showcase projects by (@katomm) in #52
  • Several small content things by (@katomm) in #53
  • Initial approach for Gimbalabs' Dandelion APIs view by (@rcmorano) in #54
  • Cardano node build guide for Linux and MacOS (Windows still in-progress) by (@Mercurial) in #55
  • Hero Banner css fix *Temporary- by (@Mercurial) in #56
  • Finalized *Running cardano-node Guide- by (@Mercurial) in #57
  • Add 'Educational' category to showcase section by (@rcmorano) in #58
  • Add Gimbalabs' Playground reference to Educational category by (@rcmorano) in #59
  • Minor fixes by (@katomm) in #60
  • Stake pool course: intro + classic utx0 model by (@ubinatus) in #61

Contributors: 5