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All of the merged PRs in June

PRs: 24

  • Marketing a stake pool by (@Nazeim) in #63
  • Fix for Ogmios new GitHub organization by (@katomm) in #64
  • Add new Cardano branded assets by (@katomm) in #65
  • Cardano Wallets Guide *it is still in-complete due to the nature of the TestNet Faucet- by (@Mercurial) in #66
  • Updated assets by (@katomm) in #67
  • Provide a basic skeleton for the get started category by (@katomm) in #68
  • Update native token section by (@katomm) in #69
  • Create category title images for overview pages by (@katomm) in #70
  • Finalized Listening for Payments article by (@Mercurial) in #71
  • Misc content by (@katomm) in #72
  • Update funding and contributors by (@katomm) in #73
  • Fix structure and broken links in the marketing SPOs article by (@Nazeim) in #74
  • Stake pool operation update by (@katomm) in #76
  • Finalized Receive Payments with Cardano-wallet article by (@Mercurial) in #77
  • NFTs and minting native assets section finished by (@ruttkowa) in #78
  • Text review by (@katomm) in #79
  • Text review by (@katomm) in #80
  • Bring main branch up to date by (@katomm) in #81
  • Varia by (@katomm) in #82
  • Upgrade Docusaurus to 2.0.0-beta.2 by (@katomm) in #83
  • Revert "Upgrade Docusaurus to 2.0.0-beta.2" by (@katomm) in #84
  • Rust lib, menu structure, minor fixes by (@katomm) in #85
  • Add .netlify.toml file with redirect example by (@katomm) in #86
  • Simplify the redirects. by (@katomm) in #87

Contributors: 4