Development Environments

Support & Feedback

Thank you for your interest in building native tokens on Cardano. Your testing and feedback is important for us to improve Cardano and the Native Token pre-production environment.

If you encounter any bugs, usability issues, or have any suggestions for improvement, please raise an issue in the Cardano node GitHub repository. Be sure to specify your feedback is on Native Tokens, and include as much detail as possible to help our team understand what went wrong or what could be improved.

You can also engage with other community members to discuss Native Tokens in the Cardano Forum's dedicated Native Token category.

Please note that over the holiday period, technical support for the pre-production environment and the token builder tool will be extremely limited.

Support will be unavailable between the dates of 23rd - 27th December and 31st December - 3rd January, both inclusive.

Outside these hours, our technical and community teams will occasionally check in on the GitHub repository and dedicated Cardano Forum discussion, to expedite any urgent queries or requests.

We encourage you to draw on community feedback and support as much as possible.

Last updated: December 10, 2020 08:00 UTC