Programming Languages

Using the Marlowe Playground

The Marlowe Playground is a browser-based environment for designing and developing contracts, using either code or a no-code visual editor. The Marlowe Playground simulates contract behaviour and analyzes all the possible behaviours of a contract ('static analysis') without having to execute it on the blockchain. You can see how the contract evolves as participants interact with it, setting choices and making deposits of currency. It is possible to 'undo' actions and try other paths through the contract. The Playground also allows you to perform a 'static analysis' that will tell you whether all payments that your contract mandates will be made in full, and display examples of how a payment can fail. All this is described in detail in the online tutorial, which is part of the Marlowe Playground environment.

Contracts can be developed in two different ways: One, using a visual editor that allows you to put a Marlowe contract together piece by piece in an intuitive way. At each stage you choose one of a selection of components that fit into a gap in the contract, just like fitting a piece into a jigsaw puzzle. And two, using code. If you want to use code, then you can develop Marlowe contracts embedded in Haskell, which lets you name parts of your contract to make it easier to read it and comprehend it.

Last updated: May 1, 2020 08:00 UTC