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The following resources about Marlowe are available:

Marlowe Tutorial

This tutorial covers the Marlowe language, its design rationale, and the different ways that you can build and engage with Marlowe contracts. It also gives a detailed introduction to the Marlowe Playground.

Marlowe Video Playlist

This series of fourteen short videos describes all aspects of Marlowe. After introducing Marlowe, a domain-specific language for financial contracts on blockchain, the videos present Marlowe in practice, and the Marlowe Playground, a browser-based tool for creating, simulating, and analysing Marlowe contracts.

Marlowe Playground video playlist

These videos give an overview of the Marlowe playground, a browser-based environment for building, simulating, and analysing Marlowe contracts. These videos focus on creating contracts in the Blockly visual editor.

Marlowe papers

Marlowe was introduced in this paper, which explains the design and rationale for Marlowe. This paper describes an earlier version of Marlowe, which differs significantly from the current version.

A recent paper presents details about how Marlowe is implemented on the Cardano blockchain, and how Marlowe contracts are analysed.

Last updated: May 1, 2020 08:00 UTC