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November Spotlight 2020

· 2 min read
Cardano Foundation

Welcome to the November Developer Spotlight 2021. This month, we will focus on block explorers and pool tools. Read on to learn about the Cardanoscan and the PoolTool.


title image is both a block explorer and pool tracking tool, built and operated by Cardano community member Ashish Prajapati. Cardano Scan easily lets users view recent transactions on the Cardano blockchain, explore recent blocks, and discover insightful metrics, such as the total number of active stake pools, and the total amount of ada staked on the network.

One feature that particularly stands out about Cardano Scan is the transaction visualization, which shows a graph of transactions from the last 15 days, or three epochs.

If you would like an easy and feature-rich way to explore the Cardano blockchain, then Cardano Scan is definitely worth checking out. Thank you, Cardano Scan for your efforts, keep building!

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title image

Similar to, is a Cardano block explorer, albeit with some unique features and visualizations that make it a very interesting tool to explore.

The ‘Network Health’ section of contains several useful charts and trackers which present easy-to-digest information on metrics such as community produced blocks, pool propagation times, historical block height alignment, and more.

Those monitoring the Cardano network are sure to find useful, so check them out if you haven’t already. Thank you for your efforts, and keep on building!

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The Cardano Developer Spotlight#

Each month, the Cardano Foundation will be selecting a couple of interesting community-led projects to discover and share with our wider ecosystem. We hope this will encourage those who are already building solutions on Cardano to keep moving forward, while also helping to inspire those thinking of building on Cardano to get started and collaborate.

If you want to draw attention to a project, please introduce it in the developer forums under "Cardano Projects".