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Cardano API

Blockfrost's primary objective is to offer API access to the Cardano ecosystem, including not only the mainnet network, but also various testnet networks such as preview and preprod.

Cardano networks

Each distinct network not only needs its own project_id but also has a unique endpoint URL.

Cardano mainnet
Cardano preprod testnet
Cardano preview testnet

Your first request

Blockfrost adheres to few basic key concepts and uses REST, which requires you to request a specific endpoint. Making a request to a specific endpoint the API returns the requested data, allowing you to process it according to your particular use case.

export BLOCKFROST_PROJECT_ID_MAINNET=mainnetqnWuOt69v42rIes4punuD20FAsRuqnpDg4

When executed correctly, you will receive a response in JSON format, like so:

"time": 1641338934,
"height": 15243593,
"hash": "4ea1ba291e8eef538635a53e59fddba7810d1679631cc3aed7c8e6c4091a516a",
"slot": 412162133,
"epoch": 425,
"epoch_slot": 12,
"slot_leader": "pool1pu5jlj4q9w9jlxeu370a3c9myx47md5j5m2str0naunn2qnikdy",
"size": 3,
"tx_count": 1,
"output": "128314491794",
"fees": "592661",
"block_vrf": "vrf_vk1wf2k6lhujezqcfe00l6zetxpnmh9n6mwhpmhm0dvfh3fxgmdnrfqkms8ty",
"op_cert": "da905277534faf75dae41732650568af545134ee08a3c0392dbefc8096ae177c",
"op_cert_counter": "18",
"previous_block": "43ebccb3ac72c7cebd0d9b755a4b08412c9f5dcb81b8a0ad1e3c197d29d47b05",
"next_block": "8367f026cf4b03e116ff8ee5daf149b55ba5a6ec6dec04803b8dc317721d15fa",
"confirmations": 4698

To learn more about different endpoints, have a look at the official Blockfrost documentation.