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See the awesome projects people are building with Cardano


10 projects
  • A Shangri-La for Cardano NFTs. Decentralized platform to mint, distribute, buy, and sell digital assets.

  • A open source multi-sig DApp for the cardano blockchain.

  • Visual blockchain explorer for Cardano.

  • A community integration tool that allows stakepool operators and NFT projects to connect and engage with their audience, verify their delegators and holders, create polls, whitelists and more via Discord, Website, and other social media apps.

  • Haltscam allows and provides a means of crowd-sourcing risky Cardano addresses, allowing community members to contribute to the database and prevent their fellow adopters from falling victim to scams or solicitation.

  • Provides insights in decentralized applications on Cardano. See total transactions, total scripts locked and script invocations.

  • Personalise an NFT gift card

  • An NFT marketplace for buying, reading, and selling eBooks and Audiobooks.

  • Non-custodial, multi-chain wallet with in-app DEX.

  • Voteaire allows everyone in the ecosystem to create a poll. All results are weighted. All proposals and votes are stored publicly on-chain.