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See the awesome projects people are building with Cardano


10 projects
  • A Cardano Blockchain Research & Analytics Provider.

  • A DAO creation and governance platform on the Cardano blockchain.

  • VESPR is a non-custodial mobile light wallet for the Cardano network, prioritizing the security and safety of your digital assets while ensuring exceptional ease-of-use. Your private keys and assets always remain under your control.

  • Premium NFT-as-a-Service, project advisory & design, minting services, white label services, claim services, loyalty programs, collectible design & development, activations and artist collaborations.

  • DexHunter is a decentralized exchange aggregator with real-time alerts and an easy to use interface.

  • Liqwid is a non-custodial pooled lending protocol with liquid staking built on Cardano.

  • decon is a decentralized social forum.

  • Charli3 is a decentralized Oracle solution on Cardano, built natively for the chain, producing fully auditable data records on Cardano ledger.

  • Blockchain education and training programs designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to understand and develop blockchain solutions. The paid courses cover various aspects of blockchain technology, including its fundamentals, development, and applications, with a focus on Cardano.

  • Learn blockchain fundamentals, consensus algorithms, and encryption methods. You’ll explore transaction models, risk mitigation, and scaling solutions. Additionally, you’ll delve into the Cardano blockchain, its governance, and practical uses of ada, including staking and decentralized applications.​