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See the awesome projects people are building with Cardano


10 projects
  • The stable branch of Cardano. A fiat-backed stablecoin for Cardano mainnet and a whole Cardano network running as a sidechain by the fiat-backed stablecoin instead of ADA. Deploy dApps out of the box and use Cardano technology like if you were using US dollars.

  • ChainPort is a next-gen hard-security blockchain bridge that lets you hop across EVM chains to Cardano at a click.

  • A virtually free, non profit, global pet registry system built on the Cardano blockchain, facilitates peer to peer pet rescue and historical proof of pet ownership.

  • Create and mint NFTs on Cardano all in your browser - without trusting a third party for minting.

  • Cardano Blockchain Explorer to show data in a simple and fast way.

  • Simple web interface and sophisticated API for automated printing and distribution.

  • Shows geographical distribution of Cardano stake pool relay nodes with flexible map features.

  • Move supported tokens cross-chain, from BSC to Cardano and vice versa.

  • A Blockchain Intelligence app dedicated to supporting the Cardano Blockchain Ecosystem.

  • Pretty straight forward site about the economics of ada, the native currency of the Cardano blockchain.