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See the awesome projects people are building with Cardano


10 projects
  • Customize NFT Gift Cards on the Cardano Blockchain

  • An NFT marketplace for buying, reading, and selling eBooks and Audiobooks.

  • Non-custodial, multi-chain wallet with in-app DEX.

  • Design Cardano NFTs with this image editor

  • Voteaire allows everyone in the ecosystem to create a poll. All results are weighted. All proposals and votes are stored publicly on-chain.

  • Explore this virtual world on the moon with an in game avatar, and interact with other players through hangouts, games or events.

  • Use the public blockchains to timestamp your files with indelible proof and mint with linked NFC physical tags for embedment in physical objects.

  • Tool for minting CNFTs, manage your policyID, create royalties and start minting in few seconds.

  • All-in-one platform that offers free token distribution, comprehensive charts, NFT generation, and mint facilitation.

  • The stable branch of Cardano. A fiat-backed stablecoin for Cardano mainnet and a whole Cardano network running as a sidechain by the fiat-backed stablecoin instead of ADA. Deploy dApps out of the box and use Cardano technology like if you were using US dollars.