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Builder Tools

Tools to help you build on Cardano


10 builder tools

By language / technology

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  • Koios Python wrapper which allow interacting with all information and parameters stored on the Cardano blockchain.

  • Lightweight and Portable Scheduled Blocks Checker for Next, Current and Previous Epochs.

  • Useful hooks and React components to simplify the Cardano dApp integration e.g. to connect browser wallets, fetch addresses and provide signing.

  • An encrypted, air-gapped Linux bootable USB drive for Cardano transaction signing, sandboxed access to files on your main computer, and storage & backup of secure assets & documents.

  • A library for validating metadata for the 721 metadatum property. Complies with community standards

  • Bakrypt offers backend tools and Cloud storage services for brands, companies, and creators to help them build their NFTs.

  • A modular indexer for Cardano with an SQL Postgres backend.

  • API provides a public Grafana datasource for pool operators with several operational metrics related to a stake pool.

  • Cardano tool that aims to help dApp developers with integration testing and contracts debugging using disposable private network

  • A cloud environment with all the tools for building your dApp.