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Denicio Bute


In this interview, Jasmine, CEO and co-founder of Rejuve.AI, provides insight into the project's mission to address human aging and longevity challenges. The decentralized research network uses AI and blockchain to reward data contributors, deliver personalized insights and establish connections with trusted providers in a Web3-based ecosystem for longevity.

The decision to launch on Cardano reflects their commitment to decentralization and governance. Jasmine discusses performance, highlights the unique features of the Longevity App and outlines the future roadmap.

The interview concludes with a look at the key partnerships contributing to Rejuve.AI's success. Lets dive right in!

Hey, Jasmine, happy to connect today and learn more about the Rejuve project. Can you tell us more about the project and the problem you were addressing?

Thanks Denicio! Rejuve.AI tackles the problem of human aging and longevity. Rejuve.AI is a decentralized longevity research network, utilizing the futuristic technologies of AI and blockchain to make longevity therapies and solutions accessible and affordable to all. The structure is a network connecting individual data contributors, scientists and researchers, clinicians, and product vendors, enabling a longevity and wellness economy around the RJV token.

Rejuve.AI primarily targets 2 problems in the longevity industry: 1) data siloing and underrepresentation in regards to important research and discoveries in aging and the AI algorithms and tools developed to design studies and uncover these findings; and 2) Accessibility and affordability of therapies, protocols, testing, and even everyday wellness supplies, making longevity something that is perceived as only for the wealthy.

Our network solves these problems by creating an international, multidisciplinary network which crowdsources the community of science while also enabling individuals to own their data and be given the opportunity to be connected to quality health products and services, advanced AI analysis, education, essentially everything they need to power their longevity journey. This begins with our upcoming Longevity App, which allows individuals from all over the world to track their health data, gain personalized, AI driven insights, participate in longevity research initiatives, and earn rewards.

What is your role within Rejuve, also can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am the CEO and Co-founder of Rejuve.AI. I have been a long-time member of the SingularityNET/AGIX community. My background is in Health Information Management, and joined officially in 2021 as Product Manager for the Rejuve project and Community Manager for the SingularityNET ecosystem. As we began to develop the Longevity App, I was promoted to CEO and became fully devoted to the Rejuve project, leading to a successful token launch in March 2023. I am passionate about holistic health and wellness, decentralisation, and uplifting of society as a whole.

What sets Rejuve apart as its unique selling point?

Rejuve.AI is the first application and ecosystem that both rewards participants for their data contributions (including perpetual ownership/connection to proceeding products) while also providing personalized insights and recommendations. Along with these benefits, network members can be linked with trusted product vendors and providers of services in exchange for their earned RJV tokens, creating a truly decentralized Web3-based longevity ecosystem and wellness economy.

Why did you choose to launch Rejuve on Cardano?

The Cardano ecosystem is well aligned with our values of true decentralization, bringing Web3 to real-world use, bringing advanced technologies to underserved areas, sustainability, and overall making the world a better place. The Cardano platform is also quite advanced when it comes to governance, making it a leader in decentralization, and backed by a peer-reviewed and mathematically proven protocol. Also, we can’t neglect to mention the strong partnership with our parent company SingularityNET, following suit to utilize the Cardano blockchain in the infractrure of a new paradigm powered by beneficial artificial general intelligence.

Which accomplishments are you most proud of so far?

We are most proud of our rapid re-design of our App, following the valuable feedback from our Beta testers, as well as industry leaders and professionals.

We are also quite proud of our smooth execution of the token launch in March 2023, as well as the building of a talented, international team that currently stands at 20 strong, in areas including marketing, business development, community management, UX/UI, app development, blockchain, finance, AI, and even theoretical physics.

How can someone gain access to the Rejuve app? Also, has the app been rolled out globally already?

The Longevity App is currently in Beta, with over 2000 testers. While we welcome anyone to sign up to test, we do have a concrete and finite “checklist” of items and issues that we are working through in preparation for launch. (

Why should people choose to use your app over other competitive apps?

Longevity Apps are an emerging field, with only a very early competitive landscape. While there are many health tracking Apps focused on individual metrics such as diet, exercise, medicine, etc. there are few that are assessing the holistic condition (all of the above and more), and the ones that do exist require expensive subscriptions, limited functionality and/or black box algorithms.

Rejuve.AI is taking the approach of offering a larger suite of general health tracking metrics, free of charge, implementing premium features post-launch to produce higher level precision insights and benefits. In addition, the Rejuve.AI Longevity App is the only one to offer crypto rewards in exchange for tracking health data, featuring a robust and growing product catalogue. Additionally, RejuveAI is committed to transparency in the development of our AI, and open source, not relying on secret algorithms for success, but instead on our strong business case, robust dataset, and enthusiastic community. It is also the first of its kind in the Cardano ecosystem.

Can you tell us a bit more about how the app works?

The Longevity App is designed to be both a personal health-tracking tool and personal longevity coach, while also being a gateway to accessing a beneficial network of professionals and longevity enthusiasts furthering the cause of extended human longevity.

The first instalment of the App will allow users to log their basic health metrics across pillars such as Diet, Exercise, Sleep, and Mental Health in a variety of surveys. There is also an option to log more intricate data like blood test results and daily macro/micronutrients if you have the data available.

One of the most popular features of the Longevity App is the ability to connect various wearables, increasing the accuracy of your results. The first edition of the App supports Garmin, Oura Apple Health, Fitbit, and soon Google Fit.

All of these inputs lead to the calculation of an approximate Biological Age, and the generation of Insights based on the Hallmarks of Aging, and 6 broad health categories.

RJV rewards will be available to earn in exchange for many of these data types, being made redeemable in upcoming updates which include the ability to claim tokens from the App, and importantly, to create a unique Data NFT, a special network token that links an individual to their data, and identifies them as a unique individual in the network, preventing gaming and junk data submissions.

Does Rejuve have a roadmap? If so, please share it with us and explain what you have achieved so far.

So far, we have released an open Beta version of the Longevity App with over 2000 testers, launched the RJV token, and achieved listings on multiple exchanges, and amassed over 20 strategic and industry partnerships. There is a high-level roadmap on, and we share regular development updates on our Telegram Announcements Channel. (

What does the future hold for Rejuve? For example, what new developments or features should we expect in the next 6 to 12 months, and what will this mean for the overall project?

Essentially, we aim to launch our App in the first half of 2024 with a big adoption campaign, including press releases, social media campaigns, videos, and events. The second half of the year will focus on building out more of our planned features; beginning with:

  • Integration of the Data NFT into the App along with the ability to claim RJV, marking the beginning of the research program
  • Premium-level features, with more ways to use RJV
  • Ability to track medications and supplements
  • Time series data analysis and reports
  • Ability to upload genomic and epigenomic data
  • Beta testing of ‘LongevityGPT’, our native Longevity-focused LLM that is currently in the works

We will also kick off our multi-pronged Ambassador Program, and the awaited AGIX holders’ airdrop.

Which partnerships have you established thus far? Additionally, could you offer a concise explanation for each partnership, outlining how it benefits the Rejuve app and its users?

Rejuve.AI has established numerous partnerships since its inception, namely focused on product offerings in the App, but also extending to research and increased token utility. These partnerships can be classified more broadly into three main categories:

App Rewards Store Partner Vendors:

  • - whole genome sequencing with a catalogue of apps to assess various health & ancestry modules according to genome
  • Garmin: Quality smart watches, smart scales, BP measuring devices, and more with affordable options
  • LifeLength - telomere length measurement
  • AVEA: science based longevity supplments
  • Juvify - anti-aging supplement targeting the extracellular matrix
  • DoNotAge: anti-aging supplements and biological age tests
  • GlycanAge: biological age test based on the glycanome
  • Apollo Neuro: Unique wearable device to balance stress response and sleep
  • Peptide Bioregulator: A niche class of supplements for serious biohackers, compounds which support and optimize the body's biological functions and processes.
  • Marine Healthfoods: High quality marine-sourced superfood supplements

Strategic Partnerships:

  • SingularityNET: Parent company, collaboration on AI and AGI (OpenCog Hyperon), integration with the decentralized marketplace
  • SingularityDAO: DeFi (staking, yield farming, bridges, launchpad)
  • NOWPayments: Enabling traditional health industry partners to accept RJV as a payment method/enter the Web3 space
  • Travala: Enable travel with RJV for medical tourism and
  • TAFFDS: Advance longevity initiatives on the African continent

There are also additional strategic partnerships which contributed to successful launch of RJV, as well as supporting key structures such as compliance, which can be found on our Partners page.

Research Collaborations:

  • TruDiagnostic: Leveraging a robust DNA Methylation dataset to create more precise chronological and biological age algorithms (along with offering advanced biological age tests)
  • Rejuve Biotech: Our sister company focused on developing longevity therapeutics, we work together to create better aging algorithms and discover patterns in aging at the molecular level

Tell us about your team. Who are the people behind Rejuve?

  • Jasmine Smith: CEO/Co-founder, years of experience in inpatient medical coding in ICD-10-CM/PCS, innovator, long time contributor of SingularityNET ecosystem

  • Dr. Deborah Duong: CTO/Co-founder, computational social scientist, publishing over 40 peer-reviewed articles, over 30 years of AI experience including in national security

  • Dr. Ben Goertzel: Chief AI Scientist/Co-founder, needing no introduction, producing over 150 books, various scientific papers, and developing AI systems used by governments

Along with our founders, we also have a brilliant team of professionals across AI & app development, marketing, business development, and finance as well as experienced advisors, which you can learn more about here.