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Cardano Foundation


Can you introduce yourself

I go by Allusian, and I have served as a Core Contributor at ADAO since October of ‘21, after listening into spaces its earliest founder hosted and frequented in the community in the wake of the Goguen era. My main focus has been on the upkeep and design of the Discord server, onboarding new members, writing and editing documents, articles, and outreach via social media, as well as scheduling and organizing guest speakers for ADAO’s educational “Roundtable” Twitter spaces hosted every Saturday.

Thomas DiMatteo is a community organizer, crypto researcher, entrepreneur, and front-end developer, with a keen interest in decentralized finance and governance on Cardano and other blockchain ecosystems. He has six years of experience as a small business owner serving customers throughout the state of Florida, several years as an investor in blockchains, and a participant in decentralized finance and autonomous protocols.

Hey guys, happy to connect today and learn more about ADAO. Can you tell us more about the mission of ADAO and how you are trying to achieve it?

ADAO’s mission is to build open-source tools, educational and supportive resources to empower robust, decentralized systems of collaboration and governance, starting with Cardano. We are achieving this by attracting talent from various disciplines and walks of life who share our passion for building systems that enable, empower and facilitate new ways of organizing. Some of ADAO’s major contributions to the ecosystem include the RoundTable multi-signature Wallet DApp, the ADAO Staking Portal, and the Agora Protocol, which we have partnered with Liqwid Labs to develop.