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Get Started in the Cardano Developer Community

Apart from the two leading platforms Stack Exchange and Cardano Forum, Cardano developers and stake pool operators spread across different platforms. Each with its niche.

Cardano developers channels
Stack Exchange communities are democratically created and maintained. It is a question-and-answer website, not meant for extensive discussion or opinions.
The developer categories on the Cardano Forum is an excellent place for extensive discussions and opinions, but also to get support.

Cardano Community Discord
Visit the developer categories on the Cardano Community Discord if you prefer chat-style conversations.
A subreddit dedicated to everyone building on the Cardano blockchain.
Chat style conversations on Telegram in one of the oldest Cardano developer groups.

IOG Technical Discord
Head to the IOG Discord if you want to join the Plutus Pioneers.
Dedicated channel for Marlowe developers and users. Marlowe is a specialised domain-specific language for financial smart contracts on Cardano. You can ask questions, participate in discussions and meet the team behind Marlowe.

Developer Portal Discord
If you would like to help develop the Developer Portal further, please join our Discord.

CIPs - biweekly meetings
CIP meetings discuss Cardano Improvement Proposals every other week. Join Editors and community members in the dedicated discord server to keep up with the ongoing technical discussions regarding standards, processes and ongoing Cardano conversations.

Stake pool operator channels
Best practice workgroup on Telegram for stake pool operators. This group is hectic. A good resource to search for answers.
If you care about well structured, long format discussions, visit the stake pool operator categories on

Developer Surveys

Developer Ecosystem Survey 2022
For the first time ever, an annual survey to assess the state of the Cardano developer ecosystem was conducted. This survey comes as part of our commitment to both empower the Cardano community and foster the open source maturity of the Cardano ecosystem.

Developer Ecosystem Survey 2023
The second edition of the annual survey to assess the state of the Cardano developer ecosystem was conducted.