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Be Part of the Governance

Cardano Governance

Cardano was already designed with sustainability in mind. The point was to create a system that governs and also finances itself without being dependent on donations. Cardano has a built-in treasury system that gets a constant stream of funds from transaction fees and treasury taxes. This is explained in detail in treasuries with Bingsheng Zhang.

Cardano Improvement Proposal#

Cardano Improvement Proposals (CIPs) are a way of formally proposing ideas in an agreed-upon fashion. While nothing about them is binding and not a pre-requisite for either treasury on protocol changes, they fulfill an essential aspect of Cardano governance. Before a decision can be made on anything, someone has to propose a setup that others can discuss.

Fund your project with Project Catalyst#

Project Catalyst, Cardano's innovation platform is the current way to access the funds of the treasury system. It is seen as a stepping stone to Voltaire and aims to provide a safe and lively environment to explore the highest potential of human collaboration.