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Integrate Cardano

Integrate Cardano


Here we show you how to integrate Cardano into existing websites and services.

Integration Components

  • Overview of the different Cardano components.
  • cardano-node is the top level for the node and aggregates the other components from other packages: consensus, ledger and networking, with configuration, CLI, logging and monitoring.
  • cardano-wallet helps you manage ada. You can use it to send and receive payments on the Cardano blockchain via a http and cli interface.
  • cardano-db-sync follows the Cardano chain and takes information from the chain and an internally maintained copy of ledger state. Data is then extracted from the chain and inserted into a PostgreSQL database.
  • cardano-graphql a cross-platform, typed, and queryable API for Cardano.
  • cardano-rosetta a multi-platform implementation of Rosetta for Cardano, targeting the version defined in the OpenApi schema.
  • cardano-addresses provides mnemonic (backup phrase) creation, and conversion of a mnemonic to seed for wallet restoration, and address derivation functionalities.


Exchange Integration