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How to submit an entry to the registry


To submit a metadata entry for a native asset on Cardano, you must first follow the steps in How to prepare an entry for the registry and have a finalised metadata file ready for submission.

Step 1: Fork and clone the registry repository

Fork your own copy of cardano-foundation/cardano-token-registry to your account.

Then clone a local copy:

$ git clone<your-github-username>/cardano-token-registry
$ cd cardano-token-registry

Step 2: Add your metadata entry to the 'mappings' folder

$ cp /path-to-my-file/baa83...d65.json mappings/

Step 3: Create a commit for the submission

$ git add mappings/baa83...d65.json
$ git commit -m "Your Token Name"
$ git push origin HEAD

Step 4: Make a Pull Request

Create a pull request from your fork.

If the pull request validations pass, your submission will be reviewed and merged to the main branch subject to the Registry Terms of Use. It may take a few hours following a merge to the main branch before your entry is added to the database and available via the api query.

Token Registry Information

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